Jazz on the Terrace celebrates 35 years (1982 – 1917) with a series of Eight Concerts

The non-profit music organisation, Jazz on the Terrace, is celebrating 35 years of promoting jazz in Ireland. A series of concerts in Dublin City Centre are planned which will see International and Irish jazz musicians come together. Eight unmissable musical events to be added to every music lover’s calendar.

The celebration comprises two festivals and two standalone concerts over the latter half of November 2017.

The first festival, TrioTrioTrioPiano, takes place over three evenings at Arthur’s Bar on Thomas Street in Dublin. Allen Smith, founder of Jazz on the Terrace, has long had a soft spot for piano trios. To celebrate, he is indulging this love and treating us to six amazing trios over three evenings in Dublin City Centre. Tickets can be purchased for individual evenings or as a festival pass at http://buytickets.at/jazzontheterrace  

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“Trio Trio Piano”. The four trios are now finalised.

The four jazz piano trios for the two concert series”Trio Trio Piano”, with acoustic pianos sponsored by Pianos Plus, have now been finalised by their leaders and Jazz on the Terrace has chosen the dates on which each trio will play in the BelloBar at 1 Portobello, Dublin 8 .

They are as follows:

Piano by Dr J Clarke on Flickr
Piano by Dr J Clarke on Flickr

Friday 20th February at 8.00pm.
The CEO Experiment, led by Leopoldo Osio (piano) with Peter Erdie (electric bass) and Cote Calmet (drums).
The Boylan Buckley Evans Trio,
Cian Boylan (piano), Damian Evans (double bass)
and Hugh Buckley (guitar).

Friday 27th February at 8.00pm.
The Carole Nelson Trio,
Carole Nelson (piano), Cormac O’Brien (double bass) and Dominic Mullan (drums).
The Johnny Taylor Trio,
Johnny Taylor (piano), Damian Evans (double bass) and Dominic Mullan (drums).

These four pianistic artists have now gathered their rhythm section partners, Leo Osio has chosen his from his colleagues in the group Kavorka with whom he made the album “Culture Shock”. The Boylan Buckley Evans Trio is made up with the guitar and double bass format. This trio made an album called “Soulful Days” after they had formed the group while studying for a Jazz Masters in DIT conducted by Michael Nielsen. Carole Nelson happily accepted my invitation to create a piano trio and chose her two musical associates Cormac O’Brien and Dominic Mullan, so this is a new adventure for them. Johnny Taylor has been a part of many rhythm sections that have supported other instrumentalists and singers. Most recently Emilie Conway appeared many times with this trio of Taylor, Evans and Mullan including a tour featuring Alec Wilder’s songs last Spring. This is the trio’s first outing as a jazz piano trio.

So you can be assured of two evenings of artistry, with elegance, beauty, fire and grooves.  Be there on both Fridays, the 20th and the 27th of February. Bring a friend, bring two friends!