The Pat Came Back: Pat LaBarbera & The Guilfoyle-Nielsen Trio

“The Pat Came Back”, on Sunday 26 November, will commemorate the musical friendship formed in the 1980s when saxophonist Pat LaBarbera came to Ireland to play with Ronan Guilfoyle’s band Four in One. With the support of Jazz on the Terrace and thanks to Pat’s generosity with his time, LaBarbera, Guilfoyle and his band recorded “Ask a Simple Question” in studio in Dublin in 1988.

On Sunday 26 November, LaBarbera will be back to Dublin to play with the Guilfoyle Nielsen Trio, which is making great music together again in recent years. The Guilfoyle Nielsen Trio is Ronan Guilfoyle (bass guitar) Conor Guilfoyle (drums) and Mike Nielsen (guitar).

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  • Thu 16 Nov TrioTrioTrioPiano: Carole Nelson Trio and David Berkman Trio
  • Fri 17 Nov 2017 TrioTrioTrioPiano: Johnny Taylor Trio and Nikki Iles Trio
  • Sat 18 Nov 2017 TrioTrioTrioPiano: Myles Drennan Trio and Ivan Paduart Trio
  • Sun 26 Nov 2017 The Pat Came Back: Pat LaBarbera (saxophone) and the Guilfoyle-Nielsen Trio
  • Wed 29 Nov 2017 The Return Flight of the Earls: Night 1
  • Thu 30 Nov 2017 The Return Flight of the Earls: Night 2
  • Fri 1 Dec 2017 The Return Flight of the Earls: Night 3
  • Sun 3 Dec 2017 Independent Airs with The Dublin City Jazz Orchestra

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