CEO Experiment, the jazz piano trio that is first up!

From Left to Right: Leopoldo Osio, Peter Erdie and Cote Calmet.
From Left to Right: Leopoldo Osio, Peter Erdei and Cote Calmet.


The very first set of the Trio Trio Piano two concert acoustic piano trio series will be presented by the CEO Experiment which is made up of Leopoldo Osio on piano, Peter Erdei on electric bass and Cote Calmet on drums. This will happen at 8.00pm on Friday 20th February.

Leopoldo describes this trio as follows:

“The CEO Experiment is a one of a kind Piano Trio which combines delicate atmospherics and highly creative improvisations, oscillating between almost every genre in Jazz.

The rhythm section posses a natural drive and integration that complement the fluidity and ever changing direction of the Piano improvisations.

Post-bop and Contemporary Jazz elements channeled through original compositions and reworking of traditional standards, serve as a vehicle for high energy interplaying.

The CEO Experiment’s music is thoughtful and inventive but also full of character, reflecting the different background and imagination of the players.”

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