A few questions for Rick Margitza from Allen Smith.

Prior to his concert next Wednesday 7th December with the Dublin City Jazz Orchestra in The Grand Social,

Rick Margitza

I asked Rick Margitza a few questions in an e-mail dialogue a couple of days ago. Here is how it went.

Allen:   How did you come to join the Miles Davis group in 1989?

Rick:  A friend of mine who was working at Blue Note Records sent a demo tape I had done to the studio where Miles was working on his ‘amandla’ album. His producer Tommy Lipuma heard it and then played it for Miles over the phone. Miles told Tommy to call me and tell me that I had a job.

Allen:  Which of the three albums that you recorded with Miles Davis did you enjoy the most?

Rick:   Honestly, none of them. the ‘Amandla’ album is just me playing a melody….no solo. the one track that I played on ‘Live around the world’ is taken from one of the nights that I feel I didn’t play very well and the same goes for ‘Live at Montreux’

Allen:  When did you work with Maria Schneider? What was the most rewarding aspect of the experience?

Rick:   There were so so many, but if I had to pick one, I would say the fact that she actually composed something for me specifically.

Allen:   Since you have lived in Paris with what other musicians have you had the opportunity to perform beyond the Louis Moutin Quartet?

Rick:   Just a small correction, the group is called ‘The Moutin Reunion Quartet.’ Since I’ve moved here I’ve been lucky to play with many great musicians, including Martial Solal, Birelli Lagrene, Stefan Belmando, and Rhoda Scott.

Allen:   What was the most memorable aspect of playing at the Galway Jazz Festival earlier this year?

Rick:   Meeting and playing with the musicians, Myles, Dan and Shane, the drummer with the big band next Wednesday.  Travelling around and playing with local rhythm sections is always hit or miss. but these guys are all great and we had a connection very quickly. I look forward to making more music in Dublin.

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