The jazz does go on!

Excuse our recent absence: Allen and I have both been very busy. Allen has been in the Holy Land to see how the Devil’s music fares over there. He was also supposed to take a trip to Vienna to check out the jazz scene there but he took ill and was advised against flying. So it’s been an exciting month on the Terrace. The show however did go on and this was where my busy-ness came into play: I have not been updating this blog. So please accept my apologies.

Ella Fitzgerald, 1946 | Giants of Jazz SeriesI hope you continued listening to and enjoying the show. You can hear Allen tomorrow night on 4FM as usual at 9pm. When I was visiting with him at the weekend he was preparing a show focusing on female vocalists. Had his eldest grandson been a girl she would have been called Ella so I’ll be glued to the radio but I can’t guarantee there’ll be any Ella. I don’t think she’s avant garde enough for him!

Don’t forget if you have any special requests please leave a comment and Allen will try and include it in an upcoming show.

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